The Desert Island Book Tag

I’m doing the Deserted Island Book Tag; thanks to Joey at thoughts and afterthoughts for tagging me.

Water — A book you simply cannot live withouthandmaid
Obviously I am going to say The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood because it is probably the book which has had the most formative effect on me, shaping my thoughts about so much ever since I first read it about fifteen years ago. I am old. And yes, I know I talk about this book so much that it seems very much like it is literally the only book I’ve ever read.

Food— A book that is a close second on your favourites list
I can’t choose a favourite book so trying to choose a second favourite is basically impossible. So I’ll say Wuthering Heights, I think.

Shelter — A book that makes you feel at home and safe
Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby is a book I essentially see as a part of my family or a limb or something. After I went to my first ever football match with my dad at the age of 12, he told me “if you’re going to be a football fan, you need to read this book,” and I have kept it close to me ever since. He also told me that if I wanted to choose my own team I would have to find somewhere else to live. #parentinggoals

Flare Gun — A book you would recommend to someone who doesn’t read
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline has been my go-to for a while now, and it has a proven record of being loved by habitual non-readers.allthebirds

Matchsticks — A book that warms your heart
All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders warmed my heart with pure excitement that such a book exists. It is ludicrously inventive and I already want to read it again.

Compass — A book that directed you towards your love of reading
My mum LOVES telling people (usually me) that, when I was seven years old, I read the complete stories of A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond. I remember carting this massive book around with me; I was an obsessive reader from  young age but this is the first book I actually remember reading myself.

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