Crown of Midnight: Post-reading Thoughts


crownI am now two books into the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and I urgently need someone to talk to about these books. I have a lot of intense and confusing feelings which I need to get off my chest. Is there such a thing as a reading therapist? Someone you can go and talk to about your feelings for fictional characters? If this doesn’t exist, it should. I might invent it.

I don’t want to write a standard review of Crown of Midnight, because everything I need to say would be a spoiler and that’s very bad review etiquette. So please don’t read this if you haven’t read Crown of Midnight and are planning to. I do not want to ruin your reading life (particularly since, as we have established, there is no psychiatric professional waiting to help you through such a crisis).

Firstly, I think Chaol is my favourite thing in this series so far. I like his stoicism and principled nature. I respect that he has taken the more difficult and dangerous option by working as the Captain of the Guards rather than claiming his birthright. His loyalty to Celaena, even after she’s tried to murder him, is very endearing. I wish people still loved me after I tried to murder them.

I have a really bad habit of rushing through the last 100 pages of books; by that point I’ve usually started thinking about the next thing I want to read, and this is generally when all the action starts happening. Or it is time for me to go to bed so I have to read quickly or fall asleep halfway through a sentence. Anyway, what all this means is that I finished Crown of Midnight still slightly confused about who was double-crossing who. So Nehemia was a baddie? This is all very unsettling. WHO CAN WE TRUST? Shouldn’t Celaena, greatest badass in the kingdom, be a little savvier about this kind of stuff? It was also a little disappointing to me that the book seemed to back up a school of thought I do not care for: that girls who are only friends with boys are better off. What about the sisterhood?

Wyrdmarks/Wyrdness/The whole Wyrd thing
First of all, I think I have been pronouncing this word incorrectly in my head the whole time. Does it rhyme with “word” or “weird”? Aside from this hugely important problem, I realised while all the nonsense about the king having Wyrd or being Wyrd or whatever, that all this stuff about eyes and keys is basically Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Has nobody in Adarlan read this series? Why have they not all been looking for horcuxes or hallows (it has always annoyed me that both of these things were in the same book, reducing the final part of the Harry Potter series to what should have been called Harry Potter and the Hunt for Random Stuff) all along? I don’t know if this a really obvious point because I am desperately trying to avoid internet chat about Throne of Glass while I’m reading the series.

Thanks to all the people who refer to Celaena as Aelin in blog posts without spoiler warnings, as soon as the lost heir’s name came up I knew what it took Chaol the whole book to figure out. Which is a bit disappointing. From the ending, I assume Celaena has known this all along, which does make me a bit confused; wouldn’t telling someone this have got her out of Endovier sooner? Equally, I suppose it might have got her killed. Anyway, I felt like a fairly massive piece of information to drop in without further discussion. I assume it gets more focus in Heir of Fire, which I shall be turning my attention to in March. I really like Celaena; I’ve seen her described as arrogant in other blog posts, but I don’t see it as a negative thing that she knows exactly what she’s worth. Although the two books I’ve read so far have strayed into love triangle territory (SOUND THE YA CLICHE KLAXON), it has all been on Celaena’s terms and that’s something I like. I also enjoy the fact that she reads books, sleeps a lot and enjoys a chocolate cake now and then. These are all aspects I can relate to.

I think these are all the pressing issues which have been buzzing around my brain sine finishing Crown of Midnight. I am forcing myself to read everything on my February TBR before I am allowed to read Heir of Fire. I’d also appreciate advice on when’s best to read The Assassin’s Blade; should I now wait until I’ve finished Queen of Shadows, or would it increase my enjoyment of the next two novels (and the one coming out later this year) if I wait to read the novellas?



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