My Flights of Fantasy Reading Manifesto

I’m taking part in a couple of reading challenges in 2016, two of which I’ve already posted about: the 2016 Classics Challenge and Rock My TBR ( if you want details, there are links to the hosts’ introductory pages on these posts). The other challenge I am undertaking is Flights of Fantasy; a challenge hosted by Alexa at Alexa Loves Books and Rachel at Hello, Chelly. Basically, the challenge is to read fantasy books and discuss them, without specific targets or categories.

I am still trying to finish writing what I imagine will be a ground-breaking and life-changing post on fantasy fiction, which, when published, will probably win me a Pulitzer Prize or honorary degree from Harvard or something; this is, however, taking me a while so, while my genius continues to develop, I am going to post here about a few of my plans for my Flights of Fantasy challenge.


In 2015, I read Six of Crows and then Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo; in 2016, I’ll be eagerly requesting Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising from lovely Leeds Libraries, while desperately trying not to get the plot confused with all the other vaguely similar books I’ve read and will be reading. Among these, I hope to find a slot in my hectic schedule for Victoria Aveyard’s Glass Sword, mainly to see if Mare stops being freakishly similar to Katniss any time soon. If it is as action-packed as Red Queen, I will be scheduling in regular naps in order to avoid over-excitement. Obviously, when Crooked Kingdom, the Six of Crows sequel, comes out, I’ll be locking myself in a cupboard to ignore my family and speed-read that too.

illuminaeIlluminae was my favourite book of 2015 so I am in a constant state of feverish anticipation about Gemina, the follow-up, which will hopefully be published before I have a mental collapse about it.

Another sequel I’m currently stalking on online bookstores is A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab, because I read A Darker Shade of Magic last week and LOVED IT. Clearly, I’ll need to read This Savage Song too. Because otherwise I will probably die. And I have Vicious awaiting my readerly attentions, so let’s add that to this ever-expanding list.

brokenI am also soon to be embarking on the Starbound trilogy, as These Broken Stars is currently waving seductively at me from the bookshelf and badmouthing all the other books to convince me to read it next. If at some point I figure out which is the 2nd book and which is the 3rd, because I keep getting them the wrong way round, I’ll read those too.

I’d also like someone to convince me to read the Throne of Glass series; I have been a bit put off by how long they are and how many there are, but I am open to being bullied into reading them. An Ember in the Ashes? The Wrath and the Dawn? Something about a Sin-Eating Daughter? Am I just making up titles now? Anyway, I’ve not read these either and am wondering if I should.

I have just lost count of how many titles that is (I was trying to work out if the car alarm going off outside is mine or not and I got distracted) so let’s just say my target for 2016 is to read 25 fantasy novels and blog about them all too, for better or worse. If anyone has any suggestions for non-YA fantasy, I’d be excited to know what they are.

Are you taking on the Flights of Fantasy Challenge? And, if you are, will you be reading any of these?

One thought on “My Flights of Fantasy Reading Manifesto

  1. Sarah says:

    I think I might have to consider taking part in this one. The only challenge I’m doing next year – THIS year, whoops! – is the Goodreads challenge (I’m sort of halfheartedly doing the Popsugar one), so there’s plenty of room for more. I don’t read nearly as much fantasy as I used to, and there’s a few series that I’ve heard a lot of good things about, like Throne of Glass for example (at least I’m not the only one who hasn’t read it, feels like everyone has read it sometimes!).


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